Tony Mauro
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Born in Buffalo, New York. Tony Mauro was attracted to art at a very young age. When he was 10 years old the school he attended wrote his parents and suggested that he focus his education on art due to their observations of his exceptional talents. Taking their advice, he majored in art in high school and went on to the nationally acclaimed American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. where he studied illustration and design. Upon his return to Buffalo, he found work immediately as an illustrator. Working on a variety of projects that often tested his artistic versatility. His love for drawing people drew him to Portrait painting. Often his subjects were children, their enthusiasm and love for life made them fascinating studies to paint. Capturing them in natural environments, doing the things that children do, made his works very popular and in high demand. His works have earned him local and national awards, respect by his peers and admiration by his viewers. His love for art and his willingness to share his knowledge led him to teach at a local college. His works have been exhibited at Galleries throughout Los Angeles, La Jolla, Palm Springs California, Key West Florida & New York as well as exclusive restaurants and luxury hotels. His works are entertaining to the eye due to their solid drawing, design, composition & color. Often sharing a interesting blend of realism and abstraction to add to the viewers enjoyment. His versatility to paint almost any subject in many different styles has earned him many private commissions by individuals and corporations throughout the country. Contact Tony Mauro. Address: 6406 Cloverleaf Circle, East Amherst, New York 14051. Phone: 716 741 4809. Email: tonysm(at)buffnet(dot)net.